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Before the season starts and we all get super busy, lets take  a quick look at troubleshooting an Aquasurge submersible pump. This is a horizontal pump with a black plastic body and a screened intake. They’re affordable, energy efficient, come with a 3 year warranty, and are used in both contractor and DIY installations.

The way the pump is built lends itself to troubleshooting. We have had success restoring proper pump performance with any of the tips shown below. No special tools or advanced knowledge is required.

Quite often, when a more substantial problem isn’t present, these simple tips provide an easy solution to the client’s problem.

Troubleshooting Examples…


Symptom: Weak flow or no flow
Possible Solution:  Disconnect the check valve at the threaded collar and give it a shake. If you hear a rattling noise your check valve is broken. Replacing it with a new check valve will restore proper pump performance.


Symptom: Weak flow or no flow
Possible Solution:  Check the screened (intake) side of the pump for debris such as algae, sticks, and mulch. Remove all debris.


Symptom:  Pump doesn’t run
Possible Solution: Replace the remote/receiver unit with a new remote/receiver. Use all the functions on the remote to see if proper performance is restored. (Note: This solution will only work for Aquasurge PRO adjustable flow pumps)





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