Setting expectations for patching a pond liner…

So you’ve found the

hole in the liner. For many of you the next

steps are obvious, but some will be new to this. 

Let’s start with a quick tour of reasonable expectations:

  1. The liner patches we work with are most effective on EPDM rubber. If you didn’t build the pond and the liner has a plastic feel don’t patch the liner. Instead call 585-337-2468 to see if there is a better solution.
  2. A liner patch can’t be expected to solve your leak for “x” number of years with any

    degree of certainty. That’s just the way it is. Sometimes a patch will last a few years, sometimes a long time, and sometimes not at all.

  3. A successful liner patch will not eliminate all water loss! In our experience most water features lose 2-5” of water each week. After your work is complete if your water loss falls within this range your repair has been successful.

Stay tuned for a future post on how to perform this work or call us for a professional service. 585-337-2468


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