Fall Pond Service

Fall Pond/Pondless Service

Servicing the Rochester NY and surrounding areas.

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***Limited space available, sign up early to get on list. Fall services start mid-September Early October.

Click Here to learn More about the best way to prep & maintain your pond for the cold season.

One of the most important services we provide this time of year is our pond netting and our cleaning service. It is extremely important to keep leaves and debris out of your pond going into the fall so that your fish can survive through the Winter and be healthy and disease free come spring time. This is essential to year round success.

CLICK HERE to see Fall Foliage Report and forecast when leaves will drop.

 Choose: Option A. Fall Pond Cleaning & Netting  Service

Pond Cleaning & Netting Service:
One of the most beneficial times of year in Rochester to clean your pond is in the fall. This will reduce the amount of accumulated sludge & debris, like muck or fish waste on the bottom of the pond before the winter season arrives. The build-up of these toxins can potentially harm or prove fatal to your fish over the winter months. Let’s keep our beautiful pets healthy and happy all winter long.


  • Draining of pond.
  • Fish collected and placed in fish safe containers of original pond water, followed by draining of any remaining pond water.
  • Lite power washing and removing any leaves and debris from pond bottom.
  • Cleaning all filter pads, skimmer pads and nets and pump intake.
  • Adjusting any fallen rocks as necessary.
  • Adding de-chlorinator while refilling the pond, and reintroduce fish to their happy clean environment.
  • Add Cold Weather Beneficial Bacteria added to replenish pads. ***Optional bottle of Cold Weather Bacteria Will be left to maintain pond throughout cold season. HIGHLY RECOMMENimg_7984DED for Fish and pond health.
  • Hardy pond plants will be cut back to approximately 3-6″ above water line and tropicals removed.
  • Pond leaf netting installed, winter bubbler pump or aerator & floating heater or de-icer set up for customer to keep an opening in the ice over winter. 


Choose: Option B. Pond Netting Only Installation Service.

Pond Netting
This process is usually done in early fall before the leaves turn color. We install a temporary frame with a net that blocks leaves from entering in your pond.


  • Skim any existing leaves out of pond.
  • Trim back water plants
  • Clean & remove filters and pump if desired and ready for storage.
  • Cover pond with netting and dome (as seen in picture) to keep leaves and debris out and eliminate toxins from decomposing leaves and debris.
  • Add Cold Weather Beneficial Bacteria reducing organic material such as leaves and pond sludge and reducing ammonia, nitrite and excess nutrient such as phosphate that are known to cause poor water quality and unsightly water conditions.

We also offer winter pond services for any snowbirds that head south for the winter. Weekly, bi weekly and monthly. Includes cold weather bacteria treatments, checking on bubbler, heater or any pumps to make sure airway is open for gasses to be released for your gilled friends.

-Option C. Remove pump, remove filters and clean for storage, apply cold weather beneficial bacteria.



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  • -Yes, I UNDERSTAND that I am responsible for topping off water level and turning on pump if necessary. My pond will be filled to a safe level for my fish before the clean-out crew leaves the site. (We do not want to charge you to watch your water fill). -Yes, I understand that I will receive a confirmation email upon completion of submitting my service Form (check your spam box). -Yes, I understand I will receive a text, email or phone call 24-48 hrs prior to service. -Yes, I understand I do not need to be home for the service. -Yes, I will make sure my hose is left out and our water to outside faucet will be turned on and electrical works. -Yes, I understand that payment is due upon completion. (Type "I agree")
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    In order to secure your Pond Request, we require you to provide a debit or credit card # for immediate billing upon completion of the clean-out. We also take Cash, Checks and Paypal. We are no longer sending out Invoices. If you need to make other arrangements please call or text to 585-337-2468. Thank you!
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