Fall Pond Maintenance

Fall & Winter Pond Maintenance & Service

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One of the most important services we provide this time of year is our pond netting and partial cleaning service. It is extremely important to keep leaves and debris out of your pond going into the Fall so that your fish can survive through the Winter and be healthy and disease free come Spring time. This is essential to year round success.

 Choose: Partial Clean Service or Netting Installation Only.


  1. Remove and clean all filter pads and material, bioballs or lava rocks, and nets or baskets.

  2. The biofalls will be completely drained and vacuumed clean.

  3. Re-install all filter pads and material, bioballs, and nets or baskets.

  4. Skim any existing leaves out of pond.

  5. Beneficial Bacteria added to replenish pads. ***Optional bottle of Cold Weather Bacteria Will be left to maintain pond throughout cold season. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED for Fish and pond health.

  6.  Hardy pond plants will be cut back to approximately 6″ above water line and tropicals removed.

  7. Pond leaf netting installed, winter bubbler pump or aerator & floating heater or de-icer set up for customer to keep an opening in the ice over winter. 

  8. ***Optional: Install activated carbon and liquid barley if you like, for an additional fee.

  9. Cover pond with netting to keep leaves and debris out and eliminate decomposing leaves and debris.

-Option B. Install netting to keep leaves out

  1. Skim any existing leaves out of pond.

  2. Cover pond with netting to keep leaves and debris out and eliminate decomposing leaves and debris.

  • ***OPTIONAL img_7984items we recommend:

  • Activated Carbon* and Liquid EcoBarley** into each biofalls filter.  If you have multiple biofalls, each will contain carbon and Liquid Barley.  If your pond has no biofalls, only Liquid Barley will be installed. See below for details…
  • -Activated Carbon*-Removes Discoloration and Odors Now made with bamboo carbon, a sustainable natural resource with exceptional discoloration removal capacity.
    • Clarifies pond water
    • Quickly reduces pond odor
    • Removes discolorations
  • -EcoBarley™ Liquid Extract is a pharaceutical-grade, fermented barley extract that has been concentrated to give you a clean clear pond. The added enzymes will help reduce pond maintenance by breaking down pond sludge and keeping filter pads cleaner.
  • -Cold Weather Bacteria (***HIGHLY RECOMMEND***)reducing organic material such as leaves and pond sludge and reducing ammonia, nitrite and excess nutrient such as phosphate that are known to cause poor water quality and unsightly water conditions.