Maintenance Packages

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Are you ready to spend less time cleaning and maintaining your pond and more time enjoying it this year?!

Sunrise Aquatics Pond and Water feature maintenance service will leave you with more time and less headaches when it comes to guessing on what your pond actually needs to look its best.

After over 25 years of  experience taking care of ponds and water features in the Rochester NY area, our tried and true testing has allowed us to trust Aquascape Water Feature Treatments & Algae control products exclusively. Aquascape manufactured treatments are simply reliable pond and water feature products that can handle every one of our maintenance needs.

Our pond maintenance services provide a complete line of algae control, beneficial bacteria, flocculent and other Aquascape water treatment products.

Time to leave the dirty work to the professionals.

NEW PROGRAMS FOR 2023 Please call/text 585-337-2468 for details.

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Service Visits Include:

  • Clean and maintain filtration systems.
  • Rinse and wash filter mats.
  • Remove debris from the pond and filter.
  • Fertilize potted marginals or lilies.
  • Perform water treatments as needed.
  • Observe fish health.
  • Test water quality as needed.
  • Remove or treat for string algae.
  • Maintain pump functionality.
  • Maintain proper water levels.
  • Trim plants for healthy growth.
  • Add beneficial bacteria.
  • Resupply treatments in the dosing system.
  • Maintain the IonGen System.
  • Maintain any additional UV or canister filters.
  • Reseal waterfall rocks as needed.

Pond Maintenance Application

  • NOTE: We Service Rochester NY & Surrounding Areas.
    All service is billed monthly.