Why Water Lilies


Why Water Lilies

Water Lilies play an important part in the balance of your ponds ecosystem. Nothing covers the surface of a pond providing shade like a Water Lily. Most water lily plants spread up to four feet, so you can easily cover a 15X15 foot pond with four water lilies. One thing I love about lilies is they provide shade for your fish on those hot summer days, also some protection from the dreaded  predators that are always looking for a free meal.

Now lets talk about the real reason you want water lilies in your pond, the flowers! Imagine each morning being greeted at your pond by an array of colorful blooms and a subtle perfume smell in the air. Some blooms are as big as your hand and some can be as small as a quarter!water-lily-1442497_640

Hardy and Tropical Lilies need the same care. As needed remove spent leaves and flowers. Fertilize each month with aquatic fertilizing tablets. Regular monthly fertilizing will result in numerous daily blooms, skipping a month or two will result in fewer blooms. So mark your calendar and stick to a Monthly fertilizing program, it’s worth the effort!

How long does a bloom last? Unfortunately only three days, but what a wonderful 3 days you will enjoy. This is why it is important to fertilize your plants. You will always have a bloom to replace the one that dies. Other products that help your plants to bloom include Microbe-Lift Ensure and Aquatic Plant Stimulant, both products are safe to use with fish. Don’t worry about algae blooms from these products. I have used these products for 4 years and the only problem I have had is too many blooms!

water-lilies-1327916_1280This water Lily has been fertilized every month, so each day I have at least four blooms to greet me as I relax near my pond.

Koi can be a challenge with your plants. These fish are very interested in getting the fish food that has landed on the leaves. In the process they have tattered the leaves. Always feed your fish away from your plants. An easy way to do this is by leaving an open area in the pond to feed the fish. Before long they will be waiting for you when you visit your pond.


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