The Trio- The Top 3 Must Have Pond Products


The Top 3 Must Have Pond Products!!!

Is your pond green, Lots of string algae or are you struggling to maintain it? If you really want to have a crystal clear low maintenance water garden you must have these 3 products to insure your success!

  1. Beneficial Bacteria If you aren’t regularly adding beneficial bacteria to your pond you are setting yourself up for failure. In a closed ecosystem beneficial bacteria levels fluctuate and in order to keep them steady it is important to add beneficial bacteria. Beneficial Bacteria colonizes in the rocks and gravel, your filter material and is key to breaking down leaves and debris, fish waste, bird waste and any other decomposing excess nutrients that your algae wants to fest off of. It will help reduce sludge, uneaten fish food and fish waste. I recommend a weekly bacteria treatment schedule for optimal results in keeping your water clear and your fish happy. I prefer the dry bacteria as it is double the concentrate of the liquid and is much more economical. Beneficial Bacteria Click Here
  2. S.A.B. is a difference maker, this powerful enzyme and bacteria combination helps maintain a balanced ecosystem, reduces your pond maintenance by lowering ammonia, nitrite and phosphate giving you a beautiful healthy pond ecosystem. S.A.B. Click Here
  3. EcoBlast String algae can be annoying right?! especially when its on your waterfalls or stream and sticking to the rocks. You can try pulling it off but that really never works that great. I love using Ecoblast to clean up the falls or stream especially when company is coming over. Simply turn off the pump, apply liberally to wet rocks and algae, wait 20 min and watch it disappear once you restart the pump. You can clean it out of the skimmer of skim off the surface with a net. This can also be mixed in a bucket of pond water and poured into the pond to control Algae. Follow this up 2-3 days later with S.A.B. or Beneficial Bacteria and watch how awesome your pond looks and how easy it is to maintain. EcoBlast Click Herekoi-780685_640

These 3 products I highly recommend for the ultimate enjoyable pond experience. If you are struggling and frustrated maintaining your pond, you don’t have to be. The must happy pond owners know about the “Trio”. Let me know how this works for you!


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