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Setting expectations for patching a pond liner…

So you’ve found the hole in the liner. For many of you the next steps are obvious, but some will be new to this.  Let’s start with a quick tour of reasonable expectations: The liner patches we work with are most effective on EPDM rubber. If you didn’t build the pond and the liner has […]

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Using BioBalls™ for Filtration No More Lava Rock!

Using BioBalls™ for Filtration For years, lava rock was “the thing” to use for media in a biological filter. With a fair amount of usable biological surface area – both on the outside as well as the inside – it made a good place for bacteria to colonize and grow. The problem, over time is […]

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Fountainscapes for the Landscape & Bubbling Garden Fountains  Sunrise Aquatics Installs watergarden ponds and pondless waterfall installations including pond maintenance and services in Rochester, NY and surrounding suburban areas. We also provide and install a wide variety of other water  features, including water fountains and fountain gardenscape   s. As well as maintenance services. ​Our […]

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