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8 Healthy Koi Snacks for the Summer

H/T Aquascape Inc. Veterinarians warn you not to feed table scraps to your pets. But did you know that koi are the exception to this rule? Sure, you can spend money on fancy fish treats at the store, but in reality those treats are typically basic fish food packaged in a different shape. Why not […]

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To Koi or Not?

Many pond owners have backyard water gardens because they enjoy the beautiful colorful living jewels of the water feature, the fish. Often times keeping koi and goldfish can become an obsessive and fun hobby. It starts with picking out your favorite colors then naming your new pets and soon they are considered part of the […]

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Koi: Colorful Water Garden Gems

Koi: Colorful Water Garden Gems Koi keeping is a hobby generates obsession. And this obsession and popularity of having koi is growing by leaps and bounds. New koi clubs, auctions, trade fairs, magazines and breeding farms are sprouting up all over the United States. Additionally, manufacturers seeing the explosive growth of this enormous industry are […]

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