Pond Maintenance

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Are you ready to spend less time cleaning and maintaining your pond and more time enjoying it this year?!

Time to leave the dirty work to the professionals.

Monthly, Biweekly or Weekly
Maintenance Includes;

  • Checking overall water quality; (coloration, algae, sediment) and treating accordingly
  • Checking and treating Ammonia and pH levels of pond
  • Clean out skimmer net
  • Check for leaks
  • Cleaning out excess algae and debris
  • Fix bare gravel spots (additional product costs if necessary)
  • Fix fallen rocks
  • Apply beneficial bacteria and barley extract, algae treatments when necessary and our Secret Formula G treatment to get your pond back on course to look pristine
  • Check overall fish health and apply proper treatments
  • Cut back dead plants
  • Thin out plants per customer request
  • Fertilize Plants Monthly, unless otherwise specified by customer
  • ***Maintenance Customers get priority placement on Spring clean out and Fall Closing schedule
  • ***10% off all pond products including pump replacements

If you would like to hear more and receive a quote to make your pond experience more enjoyable this season fill out form below. Sunrise Aquatics services Rochester NY and surrounding areas(585) 337-2468.

Pond Maintenance Application

  • NOTE: We Service Rochester NY & Surrounding Areas.
    All service is billed monthly.