How To Prep Your Pond For Winter

Fall isĀ fast approaching which means it is the time to prepare to get your pond ready for the Winter season. Here’s a breakdown of what you should be doing to ...

Tired of Algae?!?!

Kill String Algae NOW! Your algae in your pond is growing out of control and its’ a making you crazy right?! Time to kick it up a notch! Many ponds ...

World’s Most Beautiful Backyard Ponds

World’s Most Beautiful Backyard Ponds I love this video as it not only shows gorgeous breath taking backyard ponds but it shows what the lifestyle brings. Take a look for ...


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The 5 Part Recipe for Pond Success

The 5 Part Recipe to Pond Success!!! The 5-Part Recipe The five parts of a beautiful pond recipe are the foundations of an Aquascape Ecosystem Pond. Not only are the five elements the cornerstone of an ecosystem pond, understanding how and why they go together is the basis for successful pondering. 1 Rocks & Gravel: […]

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Pond Calculations

POND CALCULATIONS Charts and Conversions: Approximate Gallons of Water in a POND Length x Width x 80% x Avg. Depth x 7.48 = total gallons ***the basin takes up approximately 80% of the actual SQ. FT. Approximate Gallons of Water in a STREAM (Length x Width x .25 (Depth) x 7.48) = Gallons in the […]

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The Trio- The Top 3 Must Have Pond Products

The Top 3 Must Have Pond Products!!! Is your pond green, Lots of string algae or are you struggling to maintain it? If you really want to have a crystal clear low maintenance water garden you must have these 3 products to insure your success! Beneficial Bacteria If you aren’t regularly adding beneficial bacteria to […]

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How to Design Your Pond

Deciding the location and design of your pond is the most important step in creating a beautiful water garden. A pond placed in a poor location of the landscape or a pond not fully thought out prior to installation can cause major headaches. Here at it would seem that we have experienced nearly every […]

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Why Water Lilies

Why Water Lilies Water Lilies play an important part in the balance of your ponds ecosystem. Nothing covers the surface of a pond providing shade like a Water Lily. Most water lily plants spread up to four feet, so you can easily cover a 15X15 foot pond with four water lilies. One thing I love […]

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